Power Yoga: Power classes are based on flowing sequences to build strength and flexibility in the body while maintaining a connection to breathe.  This can be a vigorous form of yoga in a hot room (90°-95 °). Power Yoga stems from Ashtanga Yoga but it allows for creative liberties in the sequencing.  Each class is different and may offer a variety of themes.

Vinyasa: A flow class at slower pace with a strong emphasis of linking breath to movement. This deep connection to breath helps to draw the student’s attention inward and allows for a deepening in each pose.  The slower pace also permits for longer holds of the poses which aides in the muscle memory. Although vinyasa moves at a slower pace than power it is still a strong practice.  This class is in a warm room (80 – 85°) and is generally suited for all levels.

SUP Yoga: Yoga practiced on a stand up paddleboard in the water. A flow class with a strong emphasis of linking breath to movement.  This deep connection to breath helps to draw the student’s attention inward and allows for a deepening in each pose.  These classes focus on core strength and balance helping to keep you grounded on your board.   This class is suited for all levels and require no paddleboard experience. Come take your practice to a playful new level.

Sakti Barre WorkoutThe Barre workout will sculpt you body, strengthen your core, shape and elongate every major muscle group and and burn away fat from around those muscles. This class is done barefoot or in socks and no dance experience needed.

Beginner Flow: This class focuses on form, key actions in the body, and linking breath to movement.  Class format is taught in a flow style moving from one pose to the next that is similar to Vinyasa.  This is a great class for those who are new to yoga as well as those who are looking for some fine tuning in alignment. 

Prana Vayu:  PranaVayu is Boston’s rapidly growing style of Vinyasa yoga developed by David Magone to lead you efficiently to heights of physical and mental achievement that you might never have thought possible. With an innovative system of skeletal alignment and intensive Buddhist- inspired techniques for cultivating mental awareness and peace, PranaVayu is unlike any other form of yoga practiced today. PranaVayu classes include traditional breathing practices (pranayama), a full warm-up and cool-down cycle designed to enhance flexibility and muscle recovery, a fully planned sequence of poses strategically designed to focus on all important ranges of motion, and includes 15 minutes of guided meditation in savasana.   

Private and Semi-Private Session: These sessions are great for both beginner and advancing yoga students. The one on one dynamic really allows for the fine tuning of pose work.  Private sessions allow you to work towards a specific goal, customize a yoga practice to suit your specific needs, and help you to advance your practice bringing you to the next level.  Private sessions can run 60, 75, or 90 minutes.


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